How Can I Start an Adult League?

How Can I Start an Adult League?

Any group affiliated with AYSO, or otherwise approved, may start up an adult league.

Do you know adults that would love to play soccer but there isn’t a league for them to play in?

Or do you know adults that want a safer or more recreational environment than the city league that is offered in your area?

A volunteer to be the league Coordinator needs to contact NAASA and we can help you get started. Our website has all the tools you need to get your questions answered and you can see what other leagues are doing.

You will need to identify fields that your group can use and set a price for your registration fee to cover your field, light, equipment and referee fees (if applicable).


7 thoughts on “How Can I Start an Adult League?

  1. Lawrence Daniel

    We live in Cedar City Utah and are extremely involved in the soccer community locally. The city has asked my wife and I for more than 2 years to start an adult league as they are not interested in administering an adult league, but definitely want to have one in the community. The city had a league for 3 years, but the individual who ran the league moved.

    We are interested in starting a league for September of this year. We were given your contact information by Eileen Tabert and Michael Sansone of AYSO Section 9. We have served the Region 873 board for several years.

    Please contact me.

    Lawrence Daniel

  2. Shay Johnson

    We live in Holland Patent NY. I am the RC for region 374 and have been playing indoor soccer for years. We are tired of getting beat up on by a bunch of college athletes but really enjoy playing. Many of us would love to start a recreational league just merely to reduce risk of injury. Thank you

  3. Josh Nielson

    I am highly interested in affiliating our Adult coed league with NAASA. I do have a few questions though before we make the jump. I spoke with Dave Gilbowski with Sports Logic and he referred me to contact Margie Close. That was over a week ago now and I still haven’t heard anything. Maybe I am going about it wrong? Is there another number or person I should contact? Thanks, Josh

  4. Lenin Merchan

    I would like to know if NAASA helps witha loan to be able to secure field space before the season starts?

  5. Meg Kirby


    My name is Megan Kirby and I am looking to start in adult soccer league in Kentucky. We have a children’s recreational league but no adult league in our county. Where do I start? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you!

  6. mark chapman

    We are interested in starting an adult league here at 2/j/0027
    There is not much info here. Can someone contact me?

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