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Annette Klein and her fellow AYSO Region Board Members – from Region 688 in Gilbert, Ariz. – first decided to start an adult soccer league because they were tired of letting the kids have all the fun. “Our Board thought it would be a great opportunity for volunteers to enjoy the game of their youth,” explains Annette. “We also had Board Members whose children aged out of the youth program and wanting to keep playing.”

So, in 2005, Annette and four other AYSO volunteers branched out and created an adult soccer league. “Seeing our older volunteers continue to play their game and for the aged-out players to play with them has been the most rewarding part of being in an adult soccer league,” shares Annette.

Annette and her fellow league Board Members have learned quite a bit while running the league, one key lesson being how to spread the word of a brand new adult soccer program. “In the beginning, we used door-hangers with AYSO program details on one side and the adult program advertised on the back,” says Annette. “We also announced it at every AYSO clinic and put in on our Region website.”

Thanks Annette! If you’re interested in sharing your NAASA league story, send us an email!

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