Adult Soccer Becomes a Division of AYSO

The North American Adult Soccer Association (NAASA) has become a division of AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization).  NAASA, made up of the numerous adult leagues associated with AYSO Regions, was originally spun off in 2010 as a separate subsidiary that was wholly owned by AYSO.

According to National President Paula Berriz, the change in structure, approved by the AYSO National Board of Directors at its June meeting, is to more efficiently and cost effectively service the needs of AYSO adult programs by bringing them back in-house rather than as a separate entity. Among other matters, having the benefit of AYSO’s 501(c)3 tax status makes securing and retaining playing fields for adults easier in many communities.

NAASA will retain its name, and the NAASA board members will continue to serve and represent the AYSO adult playing community through this new Division.

It is expected that this will be a seamless playing transition for AYSO Regions with NAASA programs. At this time, programs will continue to use the Sports Logic registration system.

There is also no need to change an adult program’s bank account unless it is presently running under NAASA’s Federal Tax Identification Number. These Regions will receive information from the National Office on how to convert their adult program bank accounts back to an AYSO account after the busy registration period now in progress is over.

The change in corporate structure should have no impact on playing schedules or other adult league operations.

For further information, contact Debbie Dakouzlian at the AYSO National Office.

One thought on “Adult Soccer Becomes a Division of AYSO

  1. Sally Marsh

    Adult AYSO is great!!! How would we start one here in Hartselle, AL? This is the first year since my son was 5 that he can’t play soccer (he’s 19). There is a region in Arab, AL that has started one. We would love more information please.

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