Start an Adult Program in Your AYSO Region This Year!

Start an Adult Program in Your AYSO Region This Year!

The rules are simple: play safe and have fun!

NAASA, the North American Adult Soccer Association, is the new adult soccer association developed by AYSO. It offers registration, insurance and liability protection, so your AYSO Region can safely have a place for your volunteers and parents to play. And don’t forget the youth players that may be “aging out” of AYSO!

Your NAASA program can be as casual (anybody who shows up on Sunday morning) or sophisticated (age divisions, uniforms, referees) as you choose. Co-ed and single gender both work. Few volunteers are needed and it’s simple to get started. But for the Region’s protection you’ll want them registered before they take to the field.

This is a great way for the adults in your Region to get exercise, have fun, enjoy soccer…and increase their engagement with your Region!

5 thoughts on “Start an Adult Program in Your AYSO Region This Year!

  1. Matt Lunsford

    I am also interested in starting a league or team in my Region 177, Long Beach calif.
    What’s the best way to get it up and running. Any advice would be most helpful.
    Thanks for your time.
    Matt Lunsford

  2. Dave Hickman

    Would love to get this up and running in Region 673. Is the paperwork different than it is for the younger players? Is the cost the same?

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