North American Adult Soccer Association was developed to give our AYSO players turning 19, and adult AYSO volunteers of any age, a place to keep playing soccer in a safe, fair and fun environment in accord with our AYSO principles.

There are hundreds of thousands of adults playing soccer in North America and NAASA offers a quality program with registration support.

NAASA can offer start up leagues with the tools they need to start organizing the adults in their area to play soccer.

North American Adult Soccer Association or NAASA’s philosophy is based on Sportsmanship. It is important for youth as they graduate and play with adults to see good examples of sportsmanship around them.

NAASA will help develop youth and community through local soccer programs for adults by educating and training adults in both the sport of soccer and in critical youth development issues so that these adults may become coaches, referees and other volunteers for  youth soccer programs in their communities.

Adult leagues can provide financial support to community youth soccer programs, including scholarships, tournament sponsorships and other financial needs.

NAASA strives to:

  • Provide opportunities for every adult 18 and up to play soccer
  • Educate adults on AYSO principles
  • Develop Coaches and Volunteers
  • Give Financial Support to local  AYSO youth soccer programs
  • Promote Sportsmanship
  • Get everyone playing—both co-ed and gender games together
  • Support the love of the game
  • Offer opportunities for adults to  exercise through playing soccer

The Philosophy – AYSO’s Principles