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If your child is already involved in AYSO, then you are well aware of AYSO soccer. We develop quality players to succeed in life—both on and off the field. AYSO sincerely strives to provide a program meant to enrich a child’s life. With AYSO Adult Soccer, we would like to provide the same enriching program to our AYSO parents and community members.

We realize that if you are already at the field several times a week. You may spend that time watching your child’s practice, catch up on emails or read a book. We figure that if you’re already at the fields enjoying the fresh air, then you might as well join in on the fun and work up a sweat as well. Hence, AYSO Adult Soccer was born.

The beauty of AYSO Adult Soccer is that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to play. The program was designed to be flexible and accommodate the needs of the community. Players can form teams and play soccer in a variety of ways. They can play with the traditional set up of 11v11 or host a small-sided game with 3v3 or 7v7. If you have access to a gym, futsal is a great option. Or, if your team isn’t particularly soccer-inclined, forming an AYSO Adult Soccer “bootcamp” to get interested fitness-enthusiasts motivated and out exercising is also another option. The point is that we want our AYSO parents to feel like we have a place for them to exercise and have fun, too.

AYSO Adult Soccer is a great alternative to happy hour specials after work, a way to bond with your colleagues outside of the office and a way to reconnect with friends you don’t get to see on a day-to-day basis.


To find an AYSO Region near you that offers AYSO Adult Soccer, click here.

To start you own, click here.


In need of equipment? AYSO has you covered. Order an AYSO Adult Soccer Toolkit from our online store to get your team started. This toolkit includes:

  • A set of adult pennies
  • An adult sized soccer ball
  • Two small-sided goal nets