Coach information

NAASA recommends that all NAASA coaches be trained and certified. NAASA provides the coordination of training opportunities and resources for coaches to help them with training and certification recommendations. The main content of the coach training is provided via the USSF Adult Coaching License Course. NAASA also offers continuing education courses and resources via the AYSO coach program and services. Below you will find information to help you participate in the training opportunities offered and/or coordinated by NAASA. If you have questions, please contact NAASA Director Member Services, Margie Close, 800-872-2976 Ext. 7972 (PST).

USSF Coaching Licenses

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For Coaching Licenses we refer to the USSF website.

AYSO Coaching Courses

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AYSO coaching courses are geared towards youth soccer. Check out the overview of AYSO Coaching Courses (link to Contact your local AYSO Regional Coach Administrator who can help you set up a coach course and/or connect you with scheduled courses. Or take an online AYSO Coach course (Safe Haven U6, U8, U10) (link to, for which you need an AYSO ID number (through

Continued Education for Coaches

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Coaches must continue to improve their skills and experience in order to deliver a performance that supports safe and fair games which provide a fun experience for the players and spectators. NAASA offers various opportunities and resources for the ongoing education of coaches.

AYSO Webinars

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Check AYSO Webinars for coach sessions, lasting 90 minutes. Anyone can sign up and continue learning about coaching.

FIFA – Laws of the Game

See also Standard League Guidelines

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