Quick Start Guide

Are you already a volunteer within an AYSO Region and would like to start an AYSO Adult Soccer Program in your local Region?  Look no further, here’s how:

  1. Identify an Adult Soccer Program Leader
    While there may not be a need for coaches, you will need to appoint a Program Leader to structure the Adult Soccer League within your Region. For Adult Soccer, you’ll want a Program Leader that is familiar with AYSO National Coaching Program and with AYSO’s structure.
  2. Space and Time
    Field Space is a concern for most Regions, so you will have to get creative when it comes to securing space to play. If a full field is unavailable to you, try small-sided games with 3v3 or 4v4, you can even have several small-sided games running on one field at the same time. Another option is to play indoors. See if you can reserve time at a local gym, tennis or basketball court. These are great options for small-sided games of futsal and to just get adults out and playing.
  3. Gear
    Depending on your numbers and what type of soccer you’ll be playing, your equipment needs may vary. Small goals, cones and pennies can be found at the AYSO Store.
  4. Promote
    Keep in mind that you need to promote your program. Reach out to parents whose children are already involved in AYSO, chances are they would be interested in getting out on the field and playing as well. Other places to reach out include: local businesses, hospitals, gyms and schools. Use social media to your advantage and promote on popular social media platforms as well. You can even hold a special registration event so those interested can come and learn about the new Adult Soccer program. People want to play, they just need to know about their local opportunities.


Adult Soccer Membership Fees

The AYSO Adult Soccer membership is $30 per player, per year.  The membership year runs from September 1st through August 31st.

This $30 membership fee is payable to the AYSO National Office.

This fee takes care of your registration costs, fees to both U.S. Soccer and United States Adult Soccer Organization (U.S.A.S.A.) and also your player accident insurance (PAI), which will cover you, in case of an accident, for up to $25,000.

Please note that this fee cannot be pro-rated if players join midway through a membership year.


How to Structure Your Adult Soccer Program

You set the fees. Take a look at your fixed costs to determine your price point. Are you going to run a year-round adult program? Maybe it will be two seasons? Or maybe three or four? Talk to your player base to see what the interest level is and structure your seasons and player fees accordingly.

Look at your fixed costs. A lot will depend on where and when you play your games. Consider these questions:

  • Will you incur additional field permit costs?
  • If you’re playing at night, what are the fees for using the lights?
  • Are you playing indoors at a facility or a local gymnasium?
  • Are you going to be paying for referees?
  • Do you need to buy any equipment to get set up?
  • Will you need new soccer balls, pop up goals, some pennies or maybe some AYSO Adult Soccer Shirts?
  • Maybe you want to offer a BBQ at the beginning or the end of each season as a social event to promote your new league?


You have the ability to build all of these costs into your program to determine your Adult Soccer fee. Remember, the National Office fee is just $30 per player for the entire year.

We leave that entirely up to you because we know that costs will vary from Region to Region depending upon the scale of your program and any associated fixed costs.