Our Membership Year is September 1 – August 31.

There are currently approximately 50 active Leagues, who have been in operation through AYSO as Adult Leagues as early as 2001. More than half of these Leagues have become NAASA Leagues.

1. If you are currently playing in one of those existing Leagues, check with your League Director first.

2. If you want to register for an existing Leagues, contact the League Director.

3. If you want to start a new League:

  • A League does NOT have to be affiliated with an AYSO Region or Area (but we would like to know about it), we only require new Leagues to adhere to our Vision, Mission and Philosophy.
  • Check our leagues page to see if there are existing Leagues in your geographic area.

Questions? Check our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or contact NAASA Director Member Services, Zach Stiffel, 800-872-2976 Ext. 7974.