Small Sided Games VS Whole Field Play


A small sided game, is a typical game of soccer that is played on a smaller field with less players. Usually in whole field play, there are 11 players on the field from each team. However, in small sided games there are typically 7 players on each team, but you can play with an even smaller amount. Some games are played with as little as 3 players on each team. As long as you have a few players on each team, you are good to go to play.


If rounding up enough players for a whole field game is a difficulty, small sided soccer might be an excellent alternative.


There is also a substantial difference in field size between small sided games and whole field play. In whole field play, the field size is approximately between 110-120 yards in length and 70-80 yards in width. While, whole field play offers you plenty of room to run and to get your heart rate up, if the larger sized field is daunting, then small sided soccer game might be a better option.  Small sided fields are usually around 25-35 yards in length and 15-25 yards in width. Small sided fields still allows you to have enough space to get your blood pumping, but provide a more intimate setting that is welcoming to everyone.


There are great advantages to both fields of play. In terms of small sided soccer games, it gives you the opportunity to touch the ball more, build more confidence and comfort, get great exercise, contribute more to the game, have more playing time, develop relationships with the team and boost your endorphin. Small sided games are also typically shorter, so if you are on pressed for time, this might be better suited for you.


Whole field play also offers great benefits which include increased coordination, confidence, helps reduce anxiety, improves cardiovascular health and helps build muscle strength.  Both are great options to improve physical health and confidence.


Regardless of which route you decide to choose, as long as you are out there playing, you can’t go wrong.